Artist Statement

That I freak out over being alive in a human body, this is my inspiration. My abstract mixed media drawings, oil pastels, and acrylic paintings reference the somatic, in hints of a face, a torso, a plant form. My work is an outlet for what I feel or perceive but is too fleeting to be spoken. I ask myself pressing questions: How to keep my inner world intact, what to allow other people to see, what to cover up? How to paint and draw with my spastic, shaky hands? How to expose my fraught psychology directly, without apology? They ask, How does it feel to be in this human body?

Color enchants and confuses me. I see complex colors in asphalt, skin, dawn, twilight, fog and rainy days. Muddled colors demand that I pay attention; they are replete with layers. Dense with color, my works are in the thick of anxiety. They think with hands and eyes, not with left brain calculation. They cry, FEEL me. Know my secrets and my shortcuts, my heaviness and my urgency. They jump off a cliff over and over to splatter painted content on the surface. The tremulous physical energy of my hands instigates scribbles and jagged mark making. Fuzzy edges create an atmosphere as if the painting is seen from inside out. I am interested in asymmetry and unbalance; precariousness as a means of expressing lack of control. These perceptions reflect my inner world.